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Mammoth Carving Art. 752

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Product No.: 752
Delivery time: ca. 3-4 days ca. 3-4 days
Mammoth Carving   Art. 752
Mammoth Carving   Art. 752
Mammoth Carving   Art. 752

Carving, made from fossil mammoth ivory

age of the material at least 10,000 years
The carving shows an old man with stick.


  • length: ca. 4,7 cm
  • widths: abt. 5,5 cm
  • hight: ca. 15,8 cm
  • weight: 226 Gramm
  • all information refer to the carving without matching wooden base
You receive by the purchase a certificate which confirms the genuineness of the material.

Mammoth ivory does not come with the nature conservation law to conflict, because it concerns with this material a fossil material!

The mammoth, an elephant's kind extinct 10.000 years ago, lived up to the last ice age in Eurasia and America. The mammoth carried a long-haired fur in contrast to our today's elephants and had longer strongly upwards crooked tusks.

Preserved in the everlasting ice of the northern Permafrostregion of Siberia and Alaska, remains are  found in the modern times during the 2-month summer of this till this day not yet completely investigated animals.

With largely invested expeditions several metric tons of the peculiarly secure tusks of these primordial giants are often carried in the daylight. Mammoth ivory or also " fossil ivory " called, is more interesting in structure and colour than ivory of our today's elephants. Tears and colour nuances lend an unmistakeable character to the material.