About us:

Already in 3-rd generation we are represented at the German and international market.
If only gifts and Souveniers from ivory were offered in the beginning of 1919 by company foundation, the offer has always changed in the course of the years.
Today we offer to our customers a well sorted assortment in amber jewellery, pearls jewellery, coral jewellery and stone jewellery. This is extended by garnet, mammoth and, - quite topically-, by Murano jewellery.
Well-chosen materials as well as the partly unusual processing of different materials enabled us to open always new markets during the preceding years.
So we were one of the first companies to which it was possible to import amber raw material from Russia after the end of the 2-nd world war. 
Already in the 70s our amber articles were exported with big sucess to Japan, and later also to Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and China. 
In the 80s we succeeded with the production of new forms and colour combinations in bringing the amber away from the image of the jewellery of the older generation and in the middle of the 90s we were one of the first companies, (if not even first) which ventured the till then not usual combination of amber and other materials as for example turquoise, malachite, cultured pearls, mammoth ventured etc.
Also this, against the sceptical statements of different competitors, with big success.
Also in future we will produce new materials, processings or even create new trends. Nevertheless, besides, we will not go with every trend, because it was always our aspiration to offer reasonable quality for attractive prices.

Your Kolletzky e.K.